TMS Comparison Project

Comparison between two Translation Management Systems for a Single Language Vendor:

Wordbee and Smartcat

What is a TMS?

When a business needs to translate a high volume of assets to many different languages and regional dialects, the project becomes complex very quickly. Translation management systems help organize assets and provide collaboration tools for all parties. Beyond just issuing simple translations for text, translation management software includes features to maintain brand vision and identity by making sure content is contextualized. Much of the translation that’s performed with translation management software is done so automatically, and then reviewed and revised by native speakers. For small, occasional projects using emails and Excel sheets probably will do the job. But when the scale of your project outgrows the spreadsheet method, it’s time to consider a software.

 The TMS marketplace is huge. It's not easy to decide which system we should choose.

Let's consider our needs first:

And break it down into steps:

 Smartcat & Wordbee Side by Side Comparison



 Download the slides:

TMS - presentation.pptx

 Watch the video presentation:

Author: Annamaria Szvoboda, May 14, 2021