NMT Customization Pilot Project

Training the Microsoft Translator NMT Engine 

This month-long pilot project aimed to train Microsoft Translators' NMT engine and to develop a Neural Machine Translation model to translate the editorial and media press releases of MOSTRA in 2021 from English to Brazilian Portuguese. The project validated the MT engine for the above-mentioned purpose.

My team and I prepared a Statement of Work for our client with the following details: Objectives, including goals related to quality, efficiency, and costs; Project timeline; Processes and Workflows; Details Costs Table; Deliverables.

By the end of the month, we were able to give a clear, data-backed up solution to our client on whether it's worth investing in the training or hire human translators instead of the machine and we also created a Lesson Learned Video Presentation about the process.

Scroll down to see the proposed timeline of the project, download the sample files, and/or watch the video presentation.


March 1 - March 28

March 1st


The official start date of the project; Kickoff Meeting with the client; Proposal presentation and QA.

by March 5th


Preparation of the project including data mining, data cleaning, data alignment, setting up the workspace, etc.

by March 19th


10 MT training runs, 1 training/day.

by March 28th


MT output analysis, Post Editing, QA.

March 28th


Delivery of completed items, findings, conclusion, and updated proposal.

Downloadable Files


Statement of Work Initial Proposal



Statement of Work Updated Proposal

Pilot Project Proposal - 3-31-21.pdf


Lessons Learned Video Slides Presentation

MT PROS - Lesson learned.pptx

 Lessons Learned Video Presentation

At the end of the project, we created a video presentation to show the different elements and workflows of our month-long customization project and also to describe the challenges we faced and how we overcame them.

Author: Annamaria Szvoboda, May 6, 2021