Localization Quality Management

Localization Quality Management

Quality as a business function in the localization industry

Project description:

Quality management programs are built in corporations that buy localization services and quality needs to be approached not just as a linguistic but as a business function, which translates into different quality management models, review types, review approaches, metrics collection and management, automation, and budget management.

Project scope:

  • Examining the interdependence of quality management with other corporate and localization functions;

  • Designing a successful quality management strategy;

  • Evangelizing quality management to other corporate teams;

  • Collaborating with corporate teams on quality improvement programs for stakeholder collaboration;

  • How to build a successful partnership between buyers and suppliers;

  • How to manage their suppliers strategically, including choosing the right supplier, collaborating with suppliers, managing supplier performance using metrics;

  • Conducting effective QBRs (Quarterly Business Reviews);

  • Managing performance issues;

  • Learning about the legal and financial sides of supplier management and how to collaborate with corporate procurement departments on all supplier-related issues.

Time, Cost, and Quality in Localization Processes

Sample Diagrams: