Audio Visual Translation


Weight: Over 650 shows for leading media and streaming company as a freelancer (2018 August - 2020 September)

Roles: Approved QCer and Hungarian Language Manager (2019 September - 2020 September)

Long forms:

Anne with an E, Season 3 (English-Hungarian author);

Anne with an E, Season 1 and 2 (QC, EN-HU), 2019;

Who Killed Little Gregory (FR-EN-Hungarian author), 2019;

Pokémon (QC, EN-HU, 2019);

The Ranch, Season 7 (EN-Hungarian author), 2019;

Our Godfather (EN-Hungarian author), 2019;

A Kind of America 3 (CC, HU-HU), 2019;

The Whiskey Bandit (CC, HU-HU), 2019;

Locke and Key (QC, EN-HU), 2019;

Transformers (QC, EN-HU), 2020;

Selling Sunset Season 2 (EN-Hungarian author), 2020;

Chris D'Elia: No Pain (EN-Hungarian author), 2020;

Cobra Kai S1 and S2 (QC, EN-HU), 2020.


Elite, AbsurdPlanet, Big Cats, Dolly Parton’sHeartstrings, Locke & Key, Pokémon, Ugly Delicious, The goop lab with Gwyneth Paltrow, others.

Project scope:

Translating and reviewing/QCing subtitle translations (Originator platform) to check the localized material for objective and subjective linguistic errors such as accuracy, mistranslations, relevancy, style, grammatical, typographical, and punctuation errors, formatting and timing issues, and whether the text follows the style guide considering the locale and target audience. Building and updating the client's "key names and phrases" documentation and glossary. Checking the final document for localized units, dates, numbers, currencies, etc.

Subtitling Best Practices